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About Modern Outfitters


Modern Outfitters was created to soothe the disappointment of those with distinctive contemporary taste who couldn't find what they needed. Frustrated with finding the same ordinary home decor pieces at local stores, we ventured out into the world to locate truly unique modern home decor accessories that would lend themselves well to a variety of stunning contemporary home centerpieces that combine top quality design with unique modern look.

We're proud to say the results have been phenomenal! On our site, you'll find fine contemporary home décor accessories that generate thousands of centerpiece ideas. By complementing our modern bedding collections with stylish contemporary decor pieces, you will create a unique atmosphere and add modern glamour to any space, fit any style and complement both contemporary, transitional and eclectic interiors.

We are very selective about the products we carry. Every one is hand-selected and imported from various parts of the world, including Europe and Central America. Of course, we never forget about local products and are constantly looking for great products made in the USA! Every item must meet specific criteria before we add it to our catalogue. Nothing less than unmatched quality, distinctive design and creative décor potential are allowed. Enjoy the luxury of allowing your most eclectic centerpiece ideas to become reality!

Modern Outfitters was created in 2008 (started as CenterpieceZoo.Com) and in 2009 became member of Outfitter Stores, which today is home to FrontierOutfitters.Com and ModernOutfitters.Com.


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